The 12th AMCs & Partners Security and Privacy Conference 2016:

Chapel Hill, NC – June 27-29, 2016

Biomedical Device Security 

Inadequate biomedical device security was once an unaddressed security pain point that grew with the computerization of critical point-of-care electronic equipment. The good news is that as cyber security awareness grows, healthcare organizations are partnering with medical device vendors to secure and test their products. This session will explore medical device trends and recent collaborative successes, along with ways that healthcare providers can drive advances in medical device security and patient safety.

Developing & Maintaining an Effective Program for Data Integrity 

This session will discuss the importance of maintaining an effective data integrity program, focusing on the accuracy and consistency of stored data through the use of standards and procedures. Ongoing project planning, training and consistent supervision of employees can contribute to risk mitigation, which leads to both prevention and a reduction in data-related integrity violations. Practical examples of both successful programs and reasons why data integrity violations occur will be discussed throughout this session.

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