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To seek advice regarding a Compliance project or issue, to request a proposal, or to arrange for a speaking engagement, contact APHC by email or telephone.

Angel Hoffman
Phone 412-559-6703
Address 4885-A McKnight Road #266
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

We prepare and deliver presentations on a variety of topics related to health care compliance, privacy and information security at professional associations, national and regional conferences, hospitals and physician groups, and educational institutions. We are available to provide keynote presentations for your Board and Management Team.

Programs may be customized to meet the needs of the organization and include the training topics identified to develop and maintain a robust and effective Compliance program. Suggested topics may include:

  • HITECH and HIPAA Requirements for Business Associates
  • Evaluation of Compliance, HIPAA and HITECH Programs
  • Interpreting and understanding New Privacy and Security Requirements
  • Responding to a Security Breach
  • Preventing and handling Identity Theft
  • Healthcare Reform: Interpretation and Implications
  • Importance and Benefits of having an Effective Compliance Program Integrating Risk Assessment Organization-wide
  • Compliance, Privacy and Information Security Training and Methodology
  • Conflict of Interest: Meeting New Transparency Requirements
  • Conducting Compliance Investigations and Responding to Government Inquiries
  • Developing and Maintaining Effective Compliance Auditing and Monitoring Program
  • Strategies for Compliance with Industry and Government Standards
  • Business Ethics
  • Social Media Strategies

Angel Hoffman is a noted speaker on Compliance, HIPAA, Information Security, Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics. Contact APHC at

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